As everyone is fully aware, the clear and present threat of Coronavirus has pushed companies to their limits. Companies have been segregated into the different categories of essential and non essential, where non essential companies have been forced to shut down their premises, furlough staff and work from home where possible. In some sad cases this is enough to close a business down permanently. However, for those companies that can adapt and move their services online, or who have already had an online presence, they have never before had a more clear opportunity to reach new audiences through social media and organic searches.

Companies are seeing an upsurge in traffic to their sites –  in some cases by 50% – and if they have had the prior presence of mind to attach Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel to their site, now have a wealth of captured data at their disposal. This data can be used for the betterment of a company’s online presence to better targeted advertising for products and services. Taking a very quick look into the analytics of a website can establish the following:

  • peek times of traffic are visiting the website
  • which organic keywords were used to find the site
  • the customer’s drop off rate to pages
  • the bounce rate to your landing page
  • the natural flow customers take through your site
  • Which social media outlets are bringing in direct traffic
  • Countries and City locations of your audience
  • Gender
  • Device and browser usage

As an example of how this information can be very useful, let us consider the bounce rate of the landing page. This is the first page most people will encounter on a google search or if directed there by an advert. If the bounce rate is high it is an indication that visitors are not getting the information they want at first glance. This can be an opportunity to optimise the landing page and update the website to lower the bounce rate and retain visitors.