Virtual Event – “Teaching Data Skills to Entrepreneurs”, International

Following the national Spanish showcase, the DataSET consortium organised a free webinar around the importance of data skills for the future of work, highlighting DataSET outputs and engaging in the discussions with the panel of the esteemed guest speakers to the international audience in English. In the light of COVID19 crisis, it was decided to host the event online. A more flexible format, however, enabled us to reach 130 business and entrepreneurship educators, mentors, trainers, entrepreneurs and other interested individuals from across the world.

The webinar was opened by the coordinator of the project, Jonathan McAlpin the CEO of East Belfast Enterprise (The UK), who introduced the project and its goals. We then dived into highlighting all intellectual outputs, produced during the lifetime of the DataSET.  Those included the presentation of Sonia Naiba, Communications and Projects Specialist at Momentum Marketing Services (Ireland) about the research phase of the project and VET Guide to Data Skill Development; the overview of curriculum for basic data skills development for entrepreneurs and use of canvases by Miguel Angel Sicilia, Professor of Computer Science and Data scientist himself from University of Alcala (Spain); an introduction to the online platform to practice the curriculum modules by Aine Hamill, European Projects Officer, Canice Consulting (Ireland).

In addition to our in-house presentations, the webinar featured the presentations of the guest speakers of different profiles and a discussion panel on the status quo and the needs for data skills development in Europe.


 Our Guest Speakers:


Alper Utku, Founder and President of the European Leadership University, that helps develop skills for the digital economy, has an extensive experience in leadership development and entrepreneurship, as well as the potential of data for businesses.  Alper discussed theimportance of data skills for the future of work and data driven entrepreneurship.
Ann-Marie Mc Sorley, a business trainer and entrepreneur who has recently started an award-winning company on optimisation of administrative work for companies – including handling and analysing data – Veri. Ann-Marie shared her journey with her data-intensive start-up and her insights into the data disruption for the modern businesses.
David Blunck, business intelligence trainer and a serial entrepreneur, who has experience in handling data. David is the Founder and CEO of TVW – a business consultancy focussing on Strategy, Innovation and Restructuring. David discussed data for decision making and crisis management.


The webinar was a great success according to the feedback from the participants. If you missed the webinar, you still have a chance to revisit the video on our website.

Watch the full video from the webinar here: