If, by any chance, you feel that the acquisition of data skills is getting obsolete these days due to a thriving nature of the cloud technology, then you would better stop and reconsider your viewpoint, as GoDataDriven Academy can prove otherwise.

Giovanni Lanzani, Managing Director of the GoDataDriven Academy in Amsterdam, admits the ever rising dominance of the cloud technology that takes over seemingly menial tasks of processing the data. However, this fact does not eliminate the relevance of proficiency in data science and engineering these days. Giovanni gives three reasons for that. One is the lack of transparency and apparent biases in algorithmic decision-making that have already evoked public outcry several times. Two comes with the Internet of Things that is expected to generate 4TB of data per person on monthly basis. And finally, transfer learning takes a highly sophisticated algorithm and adapts it to an individual case. All these factors, once summed up, make data skills more relevant than ever before.

GoDataDriven Academy, being a training service provider, operates on the basis of values that make educational process more comprehensive and easy to follow. The Academy does have a strong future outlook so that their learners will be able to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in practice immediately after the course. To make sure that the delivered knowledge stays relevant, the teachers in the Academy are also the practitioners who work as consultants at top enterprises like Booking.com, ING, bol.com, Randstad, and Heineken. Learning-by-doing is the underlying motto of the educational processes in the GoDataDriven Academy what allows their learners to craft new data skills in hands-on labs. They tailor learning modes according to the needs of their clients: one can choose a classic classroom format and/or studying online from home. The Academy also offers in-company training what allows to tackle data challenges together with the people who understand them best – your colleagues.

The Academy divides their training services into two learning journeys: data science and data engineering. Data Science journey involves the basics, possibilities and trade-offs of data & AI. It expands the understand of the analytics approach, use case creation and idea prioritization. Leaners will analyze the challenges of ethics in data & AI along with how to overcome bias. Data engineering journey, in its turn, suggests learning how to write a correct and clean code, how to quickly get familiar with larger codebases as well as understand the broad architecture of the entire code system.

The interest in and the need for data skills training among non-data savvy folks have been gaining momentum for the last couple of years. Though traditionally expected to be taught at higher education institutions, today data scientists and engineers get crafted by private training providers like GoDataDriven Academy. Apart from equipping with theory, such training centres make a strong emphasis on the practical skills and specific professional context, their clients have to operate in, what makes their clients’ learning journeys even more meaningful.