What the partners say about DataSET


“For our networks across Northern Ireland and wider Europe, we hope our open educational resources will continue to respond comprehensively in a practical, cost effective manner to those small businesses and entrepreneurship educators seeking to grow their smart data capacity and digital competencies in order to remain competitive and seize the opportunities in the market that this knowledge ultimately brings. As an organisation we have gained significant insight into the value of big data for smaller businesses and have been lucky to be a part of such a great consortium.”

Canice Hamill, Canice Consulting


“The importance of data and the ability for SME’s and micro enterprises to work remotely, be innovative and respond quickly to new trends and new circumstances has been brought into sharp focus with the global Covid-19 pandemic. We have had to embrace innovation and flexibility in the delivery of the Data Set project, but have done so and produced excellent resources, which will have more relevance than ever before in assisting entrepreneurship educators and entrepreneurs to navigate the new “post COVID” landscape that they will face. There are opportunities in these difficult times, but only for those that embrace change and recognise that there is no better time than now to engage with and understand how data can be used to secure and grow your business. The Data Set resources are freely available via our website www.data-set.eu to help you do just that!”

Jonathan McAlpin, East Belfast Enterprise


“In an increasingly data driven world, entrepreneurship trainers and business advisors need to be data skills savvy. Data Set has taught us this and has enabled us to bring a smart data skills training model into our business training offering.  We are delighted to bring new skills and knowledge to businesses, now and in the future and help them to tap into the power of data-driven insights. ” – Grace Roche, Momentum


“Looking back, the Data Set project has been a valuable opportunity to work with our experienced project partners on developing resources which will improve the quality of entrepreneurship education, thanks to the Data Set tools which will help vocational education training and higher education professionals better teach data skills. Considering the current global situation, data skills are now more important than ever before.”

 Sonia Naiba, Momentum


“The ongoing 4th industrial revolution has transformed our views on the skills needs for the future of work. From being “nice-to-have”, understanding the basics of data mining and data analysis has moved to the category of “must-haves”, regardless of whether you are a fresh tech -saavy and want to develop your career further or a self-starter people-based social enterprise owner. The DataSET project and specifically its online course brings these seemingly frightening concepts to wider audience, and, truly, has inspired us as partners to look deeper into our own data assets.”

Alexandra Zinovyeva, UIIN