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Benefits of Big Data for Business Organizations

Not a secret, virtually any size enterprise can reap substantial benefits from collecting, analysing and utilising the big data. What are those benefits and which domains of the business development smart data analytics can advance? Risk Analysis for Start-Ups  Start-up company owners have a lot of variables to consider when they are building their business.

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FACTSHEET: Have you covered all your GDPR bases?

In 2018, on the 25th of May, a new European privacy law was adopted – the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, as we’ve all come to know it. In the EU, the regulation has been adopted in all privacy laws at the local level. The law applies to any company that stores personal information

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Interview: Mentor and Computer Scientist on Data Skills Development

Rafael Alcalde is a seasoned mentor of entrepreneurs in Madrid. He is a computer scientist, but also has an extensive work experience in recruiting and consulting, which gives him a broader perspective in what it takes to start up – including finding the right talent for it. He is now specialized in bots, applying natural

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Data skills: more relevant than ever before

If, by any chance, you feel that the acquisition of data skills is getting obsolete these days due to a thriving nature of the cloud technology, then you would better stop and reconsider your viewpoint, as GoDataDriven Academy can prove otherwise. Giovanni Lanzani, Managing Director of the GoDataDriven Academy in Amsterdam, admits the ever rising

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Data Set Online Course

The Data Set Online Course is the final output produced by the project partners. The objective of the course is to provide a multilingual, interactive learning course enabling direct access to educational resources and skills development activities for entrepreneurs wishing to improve their skills in data generation, management and analysis. The Online Course is largely

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